FAQ on RSF International and Look2innovate and the distribution of RSF products

We face questions about the company “RSF International”. Here is a short FAQ to clarify this topic and our distribution channels of audiovisual museo products. We are sorry about the confusion generated and we hope this will help you. 

August 2021

RSF International Look Distribution export and RSF resellers

We heard about « RSF International », what is this company ? Is it related to RSF or a branch of RSF?

NO, this company is not part of RSF. We, RSF SAS (France), are the original designer and manufacturer of RSF products and museographic audiovisual solutions. “RSF International SA” (rsf-int.com) is a company based in Luxembourg that used to be an international distributor of RSF products, for many years. “RSF International SA” (Luxembourg) is an independent company, not affiliated to RSF nor owning any part of RSF, nor a branch of RSF. Also known as “RSF Leasing”, the company was renamed “Look2innovate” in 2021 and sometimes referred to as “Look” in their communication.

Does “RSF International” / Look2innovate distribute RSF products ?

NOT ANYMORE : mid-2021, we have terminated our distribution agreement with “RSF International SA” (Look2innovate). As soon as September 2021 they are not allowed to distribute RSF Products.
They have very recently designed their own audio guiding products for museums, such as the STYLE audioguide, the TREND audioguide or the TWIST headset. Even if they look close to RSF products, none of them are RSF-designed products nor have “RSF technology” inside. We warn you that some products proposed by this company may still be rebranded under RSF brand or an RSF product name without our consent, such as the tour-guides WaveLink III or WaveLink 4 : they are not products designed by RSF.

“RSF International” / Look2innovate propose to rent RSF products : is it OK and can it be trusted ?

YES, ex-RSF International / Look2Innovate has acquired in the past years a large rental stock of original RSF products such as BASIC audioguides, OPTIMA audioguides (phase out OP5, and OP6), or EXPERIENCE audioguides (phase out XP, and XP2). In most cases, they should be capable of answering your rental needs. However, we alert you that some products may be phased out and not supported by RSF anymore, and that some products may not integrate the most recent software/hardware upgrades.

I want to buy / distribute RSF products or get advice on a scenographic project, who should I contact now that RSF-International cannot resell RSF products anymore ?

Please contact our sales team, using the contact form. We will advise you, whether you represent a museum / cultural venue, or if you are a professional audiovisual integrator / scenograph. Regional RSF partners and resellers will help you implement and bring local technical support. We can also consider distribution agreements in your base country.

We will present you the most recent products of our range, such as the very compact SWOP for immersive tours, the versatile XPneo for automatic audio guiding or keypad manual visit, and the Confident -a unique high quality audio headset for the stunning experience of spatialized sound (binaural recording).